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Welcome to Ken Ross Marketing. Here we provide unbiased MLM reviews.

I have over 25+ years being in and around the Network Marketing industry. I have been a distributor of many different companies – and have had my successes (over 5000 in my downline early 90’s) and my failures (well, actually it was the company that failed) – but rest assured I have made my share of mistakes.

Network Marketing is a tremendously rewarding career and/or part time profession.
The people involved in MLM’s are entrepreneurs. They are creative, ambitious and energetic.

Network Marketing brings out the best in people. This is why I love Network Marketing and why I have dedicated my life to helping others succeed in an MLM company.

Our strategic philosophy centers around the Attraction Marketing concept. This strategy can get people coming to you instead of you chasing down prospects.

I give free unbiased advice in the form of mentoring to help you build your business.

Your success is my satisfaction.


Ken Ross

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My mission is to help as many people as I can to “see the light” concerning Network Marketing.

Our industry is such a tremendous and rewarding way to distribute a service or product – yet MOST people have no clue as to actually how to make money doing it.

Most people quit too early. They get frustrated. They think they can’t do it. They doubt MLM itself.

But the reality is that Network Marketing is a powerful and successful way to market a business. There are millions of people around the world who make a living working from home in MLM and you can too!

Can money be made? Of course. But most people go about it the wrong way. They go about it the complete opposite from what they should be doing.

Let me help you. I can show you the right way to build a successful Network Marketing business – and my help is 100% free!

There are a few tools you need to be successful and I will show you the right ones to get. But other than that my joy comes from your success. You will learn the secrets of “Attraction Marketing”.

I will never ask you to join an MLM rather I will simply help you be successful in the one you are currently promoting or want to promote.

So roll up your sleeves and let’s get started on the great MLM journey!
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Ken Ross